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Archaeological Expeditions to Turkey – Travel Atelier knows the way

I know that most of the people think of sunny beaches when they hear ‘Turkey‘ combined with ‘Holiday Destinations’, and yes of course, there are many beautiful beaches and gorgious Boutique Hotels to stay in during your visit to the Mediterranean coasts … read more

© Carolien geurtsen

can you read my lips? Deaf but neither dumb nor blind – Let’s Carpe thehell out of Diem

This morning I sent all my facebook friends a private request. Something I never did before and usually do not like myself to receive, worse, sometimes not even bother to read. For a cause or campaign or however you want … read more

Febr 2013 Istanbul - ©Carolien Geurtsen

Turkey 2013 and press-freedom, an extremely spicey & açı mix – Karsu Dönmez & Füsün Erdogan

First published on November 6th @ Invest in Happiness, and today, 3 days later, a little altered for the Special Destinations Turkey Weekend Blog. Please also follow us on twitter: Turkey Travel Bloggess @Special_Turkey and keep them coming, your stories! As we think … read more