The day our Queen said Goodbye I was, yes, in Istanbul

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Mephisto_3 Istanbul

I arrive at my current home away from home, at the friends house I am staying with, being welcomed by her telling me that I am just in time for a speech of our Dutch Queen Beatrix who will most probably announce her abdication tonight.
So I immediately open a Dutch radio-station and hear Chi Coltrane in my one ear on my headphone while the sound of the minaret/mosque is entering my other.
Go like Elijah, my dear Bea  I think.
We have a queen like that – loads of Grace in the woman.

© Carolien Geurtsen

Fish delish – Home Made fast food

One hour time difference gives me and F some time to eat and write and I can even play with the pictures I made today in Istanbul.
Exactly one hour later we sit in front of her computer and listen to the Internet-radio, as live TV streaming  is much too slow.
It feels kinda weird, being abroad listening to the so familiar voices of our national (Dutch) radio. We both have to laugh because of this strange situation. We, here in a little home office of my journo friend realizing that at the same time some people or a lot of them have to cry at that very same moment because of the fact itself.

I think she deserves it, enough done but cannot imagine a Queens Day (celebration of her birthday and Big National Event) ever will have that same innocent Orange all over the place feel.  The very unfortunate undertaking of one sick person a couple of years ago changed that already.
I have high expectations of our new Queen, Maxima, the Argentinian wife of the King to come, Willem Alexander. She really rocks but he is, well a little stiff upper lip kind of a person. Although he might proof himself differently once he has the title and role. I guess therefore they have to change it into a Kings Day, which to me really sounds extremely adult-like and odd at the same time.

I am just back from a lovely meeting with a dear old Turkish friend who I used to work with in the Pattara Prince Hotel in Kalkan, on the South coast of Turkey.
How nervous I always am my first days in Istanbul, a little anxious whether I still will be able to find my way around.
It always helps a lot when there are some old or new friends around to anchor with, and get used again to both the ferry’s, the metro, tram-ways, the so called Fünüküler, and to start finding my way by myself.
So after some days getting used to the city and its traffic, I was to my surprise actually very much in time for that appointment, even though I took a lot of pictures on my way there and really took it easy.
Crossing from the Asian to the European side with the Ferry is ever so relaxing and efficient.
Thanks Frederieke for showing me the way!

Chickpeas and Rice_kl © Carolien Geurtsen

Pilav House Üsküdar Fishmarket area

I love to take pics of anything to do with food, its preparation and the people who either make or serve it.
Especially as it is so often beautifully and sometimes very artistic presented here in Turkey.
As well I love to connect with the people through my photography.
I do not like to ‘steal’ pictures and sneak away, if they are anything like aware that I am actually making them, I make contact. Sometimes only a smile is enough to establish a comfortable feeling for both parties. And I do love to give something in return, if only politeness and attention.
So yes, if I have time, I come inside if they ask me to, and if they want me to take a picture of them as well, I do so.
And if, like today in the Pilav House, they ask if I can put the pictures on FaceBook, I say yes and I will and I did.

And last but not least, if I like what I see and I have enough time, I will come back to eat a plate of noughut and pilav (chickpeas and rice), like today in the Pilav House. So it is no empty promises if I say something like that.

in my eyes Mephisto screams of justice

The Mephisto bookstore and Café on Istiklal Caddesi [Avenue]  is gorgious and cosy at the same time, and therefore I loved it that Özlem, my friend, wanted us to meet there. in htis way I could enjoy both the view on this long and huge pedestrian area going down from Taksim Square to Tünel, the passers bye  and the excellent cappuccino, as well as the free WiFi. And as nice as our own meeting was, so was the quick chat with never before met Rosa on the other table, an English woman on her way to Iran, to spend some months there to practice her Farsi, the language she is studying. 

and yes, our queen abdicated just fine.