Mandalas in progress – Not only Monks


It is very fascinating for someone (me) who already made child-like mandala’s from the age of seven and since then has only seen women active on that terrain to see men being busy with Mandala.
Apart from Tibetan Monks in Zutphen and Amersfoort or on TV that is. Them being busy for days in a row with a huge Mandala from sand, to all give it back to nature after accomplishing this divine and meditative type of art.

So yes, as soon as I saw Reinier attaching his huge objects to the walls of the exhibition salon, I first bombarded him with questions, stopped myself abruptly and asked if I could interview and film him. We made an appointment and two weeks later, after his workshop I attended as well, we went along with it. The interview is in Dutch but there is much to be seen without understanding the words.

Reinier Jonkheer is a very down to Earth Technical Engineer by profession, and since he was a child deeply fascinated bij shapes and forms in any symmetric type of way. Thinks Spirograph if you at all remember.
So soon after he did a course ten years ago in Mandala coloring and drawing, he started walking his own unique path if designing his own Mandala’s, and now he uses the most fabulous mixture of techniques and shapes. From very tiny pieces of paper to huge and triangular wood structures.  Including 3D objects, embroidery combined with mosaic and bamboo, using wire, rubber, ropes and just about anything which serves the purpose, up to the top of a juice bottle as a centrepiece to keep things in balance (see vid).

Reinier Jonkheer on Mandalas 22-10-2013Reinier recently started to give Mandala workshops in Wijkwerkplaats de Meerkoet in Houten, The Netherlands, which is fortunately just around my corner 😉


Part 2 –

Credits Vrije Geluiden VPRO

King of the World – R.H. Weber/ Bluesified

Gepubliceerd op 28 mei 2013

King of the World: Erwin Java – gitaar, Ruud Weber – bass/ voice, Govert van der Kolm – hammond, Fokke de Jong,drums

King of the World is a Dutch blues band. They perform Bluesified written by Ruud Weber.

This video was recorded in Bimhuis Amsterdam for VPRO Vrije Geluiden.
Vrije Geluiden is a music program for the Dutch public broadcast organisation VPRO.