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Looking around corners – Üsküdar Istanbul


View Üsküdar and Istanbul from Mado terrace

Today plans are not any further than a walk around the corner, as a figure of speech that is, as it actually was the corner of the block, which still is a 10 minutes walk away. But compared to the 3 to 4 hour walk I intended to do, it was not the real thing of course.

The weather was great, dry and sunny, so I wanted to plan my little trip while having a quick tea at Mado’s Café,  which apparently has this tremendous view over the Üsküdar waterway and Istanbul which I wanted to check out.
I only had to pass by the Vodafone shop on the way as my Turkish Sim gave up on me, or, as it turned out, actually my Dutch smart phone, as it was blocked for use with this particular Sim card.
Normally you can use it for a period of 3 weeks, a month, before this action is taken – automated I guess, but as it happened I am one of the ‘unlucky’ ones, so my renewed membership turned useless after only one week. Bummer!
Our Turkish (bought in Turkey) telephone was still at NL home as our son had not been able to spot it in time. Buying a new one was less attractive than trying to borrow one from friends or activate the special travel offer from my Dutch abbo.

So I ended up at Mado’s, on the terrace overlooking the Bosphorus,  with a tea, and informing my friends via their WiFi with various Whatssapp, Facebook and email messages that via my Turkish number I was out of reach.
After that I enjoyed the indeed really amazing view and kept myself amused with shooting endless picture of skylines and roof-scapes, not to forget the seagulls flying into me, or so it seemed at times.

This is when I heard people speaking Dutch at the next table, more actually Flemish (from Belgium), or so I thought.
It turned out that I had the region totally wrong. They come from a much more Mid-Eastern part of the Netherlands called Drente, (so not Belgium at all) with a variety of reasons: one is actually studying here, the other permanently  living in Istanbul, and the brother and friend of the student are here for Holidays.

We got to talk about reading and writing and in the end one of the guys asks me if I maybe would want to proofread their Dutch translation of the book he is writing, because they want to get it right, so we exchange e-mail addresses and I am looking forward to the first chapter indeed.
View form cafe Mado Üsküdar, Istanbul

After taking at least 50 pictures I decide to walk back, as it is already 14.30 and neither time nor energy enough to go for a good stroll.
I enjoy every second of it, especially after I moved to the best spot of the terrace. So yes, yet another place to come back to.

Via the Pilav House and a nice plate of rice with chickpeas and some beef with the inevitable salty yoghurt drink or Ayran, I find my way home, really taking my time and making pictures from the herbal store  Tarihi Üsküdar Baharatçisi and actually right in front of it. I guess I spent another hour there. They answer my question whether they have a Facebook page with an: not yet, but tomorrow we will!
I love it, the new generation will put yet again another 2.0 shop on the map. Then I actually see the big screen, high against the wall, basically not in any direct view. It says:  Welcome in the digital world and I say: then we have a deal*.

*me the nice pictures and them as well via a tag on Facebook.

Down on the corner from CCR – was one of my first albums.
In this yearly top 2000 of December 2012 it found its place on nr 1276 – and I am all too happy it is actually there, as I make an effort to connect the post of the day, its story with a song from this huge list

It’s in Dutch but to get an idea